dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 02

Curious to know what we have been working on in the last few weeks? We made a concise overview to make it easy for you to get up-to-date.

4 min readMar 17, 2023

This monthly roundup provides an overview of all the developments, partnership announcements, and other news related to dClimate’s open data infrastructure for climate information.

In this edition you can find various panel talks that our team members have participated in. We also share some interesting articles that we wrote or were mentioned in, including a long-read from our infrastructure partner Chainlink. Lastly, dClimate is also hiring a Carbon Markets and Project Origination Lead as well as a Blockchain Fullstack Engineer.

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🌿Robert, dClimate’s Head of Growth, attended the Natural Capital Conference in London as a speaker on a panel discussion where he talks about how using climate data and digital MRV tools can increase physical and financial climate resilience for communities as well as businesses. The video recording can be accessed here.

🛰️Robert also represented dClimate at the Climate Summit during ETH Denver as a speaker on a panel discussion about data-driven and digital monitoring, reporting, verification (MRV) for carbon credits. Watch the video here.

🎧Manavi Garg, dClimate’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, was featured as a guest on the W3B Talks podcast where she had an interesting conversation about climate data, data oracles and decision making in the Web3 era. Listen to this podcast episode here

🎤Osho Jha, dClimate’s co-founder and CEO, participated in a panel discussion at Columbia Business School’s Alleycon conference. We will share the video once it is available.

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WeatherLogistics: integrating Re-Climate®, Europe’s most reliable seasonal climate prediction system, into the dClimate Data Marketplace. Read more

InclusionBridge: giving students with an interest in data science access to dClimate’s library of 30 TB of standardized climate data. Read more

Global Earthquake Model (GEM): onboarding earthquake-related data and seismic risk assessment tools into the dClimate ecosystem. Read more

Topl: onboarding the builders in Topl’s ecosystem to dClimate’s data infrastructure, MRV tools and other data-driven climate solutions. Read more

😃 Do you want to build with the climate data hosted on our Data Marketplace? Reading the documentation and joining our community on Discord is the easiest way to get started!

📄Sid Jha, one of the co-founders of dClimate, was interviewed for an article about different aspects of climate risk, data, and the role of blockchain technology. Click here for the full write-up.

🔗Chainlink, an infrastructure partner of dClimate, mentioned us in a long-read about climate finance, blockchain technology and data oracles. Read the full article here.

@ChainlinkIntern made a summary of the article in the form of a Twitter Thread

⛅Our partnership with WeatherLogistics got a mention in the InsTech newsletter. Read more

Job opportunities

🌳Carbon Markets and Project Origination Lead. We are seeking an experienced professional to lead our efforts in global carbon markets and project origination. You can read the full vacancy description here.

💡Blockchain Fullstack Engineer. Build kickass frontends, backends, smart contracts, and infrastructure to help address climate change. You can read all the details for this role here.

As this monthly roundup shows, dClimate continues to build out its open data infrastructure and climate information ecosystem. We are working on various new and exciting products, leveraging our extensive climate data and applying it to specific niches.

If you also want to build impactful climate applications with our powerful data available through the dClimate API and Marketplace, please don’t hesitate to join our Discord community to ask questions and get started.

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