Announcing dClimate’s Community Ambassador Program

  • Work directly with the dClimate team
  • Win and earn special prizes, including cash, exclusive dClimate merchandise, and NFT’s
  • Have your work and research published through dClimate’s official blog and other publications
  • Work with thought leaders and experts throughout the DeFi ecosystem
  • Get early access to software updates and gaming content
  • Moderator (Help Manage One of dClimate’s Social Media Accounts, ex. Telegram, Discord, etc.)
  • Content Creator (Publish thought leadership pieces about dClimate and climate data through our official blog or another source)
  • Event Organizer (Organize community events and meet-ups)
  • Be kind, courteous, and respectful of fellow participants and members of other communities
  • Participate in and improve discussions
  • No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a dClimate team member
  • Multiple accounts of the same user are not allowed
  • Post only original content. No reposting or plagiarism will be tolerated
  • No discussion of price, markets, or tokens is allowed in events officially sponsored by the dClimate team or in communities directly moderated by the dClimate team. Thought leadership pieces that focus solely on price speculation will not be published.



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