dClimate and Rainforest Partnership Join Forces to Protect Tropical Rainforests

In an effort to protect and monitor the health of rainforests, dClimate and Rainforest Partnership will work together on educational campaigns, utilize digital MRV technologies, and engage with local communities for on-the-ground data collection.

4 min readApr 18, 2023

Data-driven Solutions for Sustainable Rainforest Management

dClimate, a leading decentralized network providing core infrastructure for climate tech, has announced a strategic partnership with Rainforest Partnership, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting tropical rainforests. This collaboration aims to accelerate conservation efforts, raise awareness around critical climate issues, and foster data-driven solutions for sustainable rainforest management.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Rainforest Partnership, an organization that shares our commitment to innovative, data-driven solutions for sustainable rainforest management,” said Osho Jha, dClimate’s co-founder and CEO. “By working together, we can harness the power of technology and the passion of local communities to make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. This partnership represents a unique opportunity to merge our expertise in climate data and technology with Rainforest Partnership’s on-the-ground experience, amplifying the impact of our collective efforts for a greener and more sustainable future.”

Educational Content

Through this partnership, dClimate and Rainforest Partnership will collaborate on an educational campaign for World Rainforest Day and the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (“COP28”). They will work together to develop and promote engaging content that highlights the importance of rainforests in combating climate change, the role of innovative technologies in conservation, and the need for global collaboration in achieving climate goals.

Digital MRV and Data Monitoring

The collaboration will also involve implementing digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) and data monitoring for Rainforest Partnership’s on-the-ground projects using dClimate’s MRV systems. By leveraging dClimate’s advanced dMRV technology, Rainforest Partnership will be able to enhance its project monitoring capabilities, ensuring accurate and transparent reporting on the impact of its conservation efforts.

Localized Data Collection

Furthermore, dClimate and Rainforest Partnership will work together to establish a data partnership with local communities. This initiative will incentivize new data collection and climate/forest research while fostering communities’ ability to monetize their data using the dClimate marketplace. Through this collaboration, they will empower local communities to collect, share, and monetize crucial climate and forest data, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable approach to rainforest conservation.

Baseline Data on Forestry Health

Lastly, the partnership will utilize dMRV technology developed in dClimate’s ecosystem to make baseline forestry health data available for forest conservation projects. By providing access to reliable baseline data on forestry health, dClimate and Rainforest Partnership will enable more targeted and effective conservation efforts, driving positive outcomes for the environment, local communities, and the global climate.

“This collaboration with dClimate represents a significant step forward in our mission to protect the world’s rainforests,” said Niyanta Spelman, CEO of Rainforest Partnership. “By leveraging dClimate’s cutting-edge platform and data marketplace, we can drive greater transparency, efficiency, and impact in our conservation efforts, ultimately benefiting the planet and future generations. We believe that combining dClimate’s advanced data infrastructure with our community-focused approach to conservation will enable us to create more resilient ecosystems, empower local communities, and strengthen global climate action.”

Join our Livestream!

To amplify the impact of Earth Day 2023, and dive deeper into this partnership announcement, dClimate is hosting a live conversation with Rainforest Partnership on Friday April 21 at 3PM ET. You can set a reminder and watch here, or click the Youtube embed below.

About dClimate

dClimate is a decentralized network providing core infrastructure for climate tech. By indexing and organizing global climate data on an immutable ledger, dClimate makes it easy to develop applications that measure, monitor, and mitigate climate risk. dClimate has created an open ecosystem to allow key stakeholders to get data, share data, and access crucial climate information.

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About Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership protects and conserves tropical rainforests, critical assets in the climate crisis. Working directly with indigenous and local communities as guardians and economic participants, our integrated approach supports sustainable livelihoods, thriving biodiversity, and long-term forest protection in the Amazon and beyond.

To learn more about Rainforest Partnership and its work, visit its website here.




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