dClimate and Hyphen Partner to Bring Essential Emissions Data On-Chain

4 min readSep 15, 2022


dClimate, a leading decentralized climate information ecosystem, today announced a partnership with Hyphen, a decentralized oracle network custom-built to gather, validate, and standardize global emissions data in real-time, which will make its data available through the dClimate data marketplace. This partnership will enable corporations and data consumers to easily search for and access essential emissions data via the dClimate data marketplace to enable standardized, data-driven climate risk disclosure.

The dClimate data marketplace will allow data consumers to easily get and share data via a user-friendly interface about a range of important climate variables including rainfall, soil moisture, temperature, GHG emissions, and geospatial data. Hyphen will allow data marketplace users to easily retrieve dynamic emissions data when the marketplace launches this fall, followed by the inclusion of additional paid and commercial datasets.

“Making climate data more accessible, accountable, and easy to work with is essential for enabling factual assessment of climate risk embedded in balance sheets and supply chains of major companies around the world,” said Osho Jha, Founding Partner, dClimate. “A lack of easily accessible, verifiable data remains a bottleneck to enabling accurate and transparent disclosures for corporations, governments, and other entities with forward looking net zero commitments. Our partnership with Hyphen is a valuable addition to our already large data trove, enabling us to offer standardized, institutional grade data to dClimate’s users.”

Miles Austin, CEO, Hyphen, added: “With the launch of the Hyphen Oracle Network, we are excited to provide dClimate with the world’s most accurate, validated, real-time data to empower Web3 and traditional capital markets, all while assuring scientific data standards sit at the core of these emerging markets.”

The dClimate data marketplace will launch this fall, with Hyphen emissions data being onboarded to the platform shortly after launch. All of dClimate’s institutional grade climate data can be retrieved today completely for free via the network’s REST API, with additional ecosystem support for developers and data engineers building climate resilience applications on top of dClimate’s data layer. dClimate and Hyphen both leverage Chainlink’s industry leading decentralized oracle network for providing validated, trusted, and immutable climate and weather data to data consumers globally.

dClimate recently announced its acquisition of Oasis Hub, a leading global data platform and aggregator for catastrophe, extreme weather, climate change and environmental risk data, tools & services. With the expanded data repository through the Oasis Hub acquisition and the added dynamic data from Hyphen, dClimate users and community members can now retrieve a wider range of datasets, in addition to catastrophe models and analytics for making timely and accurate climate risk disclosures, and building next-generation resilience applications. dClimate’s recent partnerships to expand the data available through our marketplace reduces silos and barriers that currently exist for users to access climate data. Join the dClimate community today to learn more about becoming a data partner.

About dClimate

dClimate is a chain-agnostic decentralized climate information ecosystem. dClimate makes it easy for businesses and builders to find, access, and utilize essential information about our planet to better understand how weather and climate impacts our communities and build data-driven technology solutions for helping communities achieve climate resilience in the 21st century. The dClimate network solves key issues around access, availability, and accountability in the climate data ecosystem with the world’s first decentralized, open marketplace for participants to get and share climate data.

The network also enables an open ecosystem of climate resilience applications like parametric insurance, advanced analytics and models, and tooling to be built on top of the data layer. dClimate is pioneering data infrastructure solutions for scaling global carbon markets, incentivizing regenerative agriculture practices, and bringing increased efficiency to industries affected by climate risk. In addition to the data marketplace, dClimate is releasing two major products in the carbon and satellite monitoring space.

If any of this interests you, and want to learn more about the decentralized and open climate data ecosystem we are building:

About Hyphen

Verified, validated and accurate climate information is essential to the stability and resilience of the global financial infrastructure. Hyphen supports capital markets with various verified climate data, enabling dApps and institutions to build more sophisticated, dynamic, and validated green financial products and services.

Providing robust infrastructure services, Hyphen also enhances automated climate disclosures, validated impact measurement, and empowers corporations, financial institutions and organizations to make informed decisions for impactful outcomes. In partnership with the world’s leading atmospheric agencies, Hyphen brings together a wide variety of emissions data from multiple sources, standardizes these data sets, and makes them dynamically available for wider smart contact use.

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