Data ReFined #03: The Newsletter about Climate Data, Regenerative Finance and Climate Risk⛅

4 min readMar 10, 2023
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In this edition of the #DataReFined newsletter we cover news from the ETH Denver conference, dClimate team appearances on a panel and a podcast, updates from infrastructure provider Chainlink, and much more!👇

🏙️ETH Denver, one of the biggest blockchain conferences, was home to the Climate Summit and Schelling Point events, both focused on climate action and social impact using Web3 technologies.

💯dClimate’s Head of Growth Robert spoke on a panel at the Climate Summit about the importance of digital MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification), explaining how verification of carbon offset projects can become 100x faster with dMRV tools. From years to days. Video coming soon!

🌍ReFi DAO revealed plans to build a ReFi Network State to regenerate our planet, powered by local regenerative communities. “Each community has its own token, it’s own treasury and its own unique vision of regeneration. “ Read more

⛓️Chainlink announced their Functions platform, enabling Web3 builders to use Javascript and run customizable computations on Web 2.0 APIs from giants like AWS and Meta. In simple terms, this new platform removes some limitations that blockchain applications used to have. Read more

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Regenerative Finance

⛓️Chainlink published an extensive article titled “Scaling Climate Finance With Blockchain Technology” explaining new web3 tools that are being built to accelerate climate finance, including a mention of dClimate. Read more

dClimate and others ReFi organizations use Chainlink infrastructure to make (climate) data available to Web2 and Web3 businesses. Source: Chainlink

📄Basin DAO and Climate Collective released a report about the intersection of Real World Assets (RWA) and Regenerative Finance (ReFi). The report looks at the opportunities and challenges of RWA x ReFi and lists many inspiring examples. Read more

🪙Toucan Protocol wrote a Twitter thread about the recent announcement of Gold Standard, an important registry in the voluntary carbon markets (VCM), in its process towards tokenizing carbon credits in collaboration with selected ReFi projects. Read more

💰Mercy Corps Ventures launched their second round of the Crypto for Good Fund, providing $100k equity-free grants to 10 startups in emerging economies that drive global financial inclusion and climate resilience with the help of Web3 technologies. Read more

Climate Data

🛰️Climate Collective, an innovation network of ReFi organizations, wrote an extensive primer on emerging digital MRV tools that shape a new climate information ecosystem. Read more

🌡️Berkeley Earth published the Global Temperature Report for 2022, concluding that 2022 was nominally the fifth warmest year on Earth since 1850. Read more

Climate Risk

🌊New York City neighborhoods will receive a pilot parametric community flood insurance scheme, based on ICEYE’s unique satellite data insights, as well as other data sources. The pilot project aims to support low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities in high-flood-risk neighborhoods. Read more

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🌎Robert Heilberg, dClimate’s Head of Growth, attended the Natural Capital Conference 2023 and joined a panel discussion titled: “The role technology can play in monitoring natural capital”. Watch here

🌳GainForest released a video about what carbon offsets are and how they work. Watch here

🚀CBS Mornings published a video on NASA’s new satellite missions that will collect new datasets about various metrics surrounding climate change, including deforestation and biomass. Watch here

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🎙️Using Oracles to Integrate Climate Data into Decision Making — W3B Talks podcast. Manavi Garg, dClimate’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, had an interesting conversation about data oracles and the role of climate data in the Web3 era, hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute. Listen here

🗓️Communicating climate science and using data to build resilience — Data Points podcast. This episode covers the importance of historic climate data and the process of filling in the gaps in environmental datasets. Listen here

🤖How BCG Uses AI to Address Climate Change — HBS’s Climate Rising podcast. Two partners at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) explain how they have developed and use AI tools to help their clients manage climate risks and address mitigation challenges. Listen here

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