dClimate, the world’s first decentralized network for climate data, today announced that Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov has joined its team as a strategic advisor. Nazarov joins the ranks of other project advisors, entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban and Atlantic Council Distinguished Fellow Ambassador J. Peter Pham. dClimate is the first transparent, decentralized network for climate data, forecasts, and models. It aims not only to make climate information more accessible and reliable, but to incentivize new innovation and research in the climate data ecosystem.

“As someone who believes that hybrid smart contracts powered by weather data will fundamentally change the way…

By Manavi Garg, dClimate Ambassador

In 2015, the Paris Agreement sparked over 196 countries to sign up to lower global temperatures to below 2°C (35.6°F), ideally to 1.5°C (34.7°F). Some key measures to achieve these goals include countries incorporating ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, building resilience within countries to adapt to rising temperatures, communicating financial data and need to support these initiatives, and incorporating advanced technologies to achieve goals. With this view in mind, governments around the world initiated discussions and strategies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. For any economy to be successful in achieving national or global goals…

NEW YORK (July. 29, 2021) — dClimate, the first decentralized network for climate data, today announced that renowned Africa expert Ambassador J. Peter Pham has joined dClimate’s advisory board. Ambassador Pham is currently a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, and will help build out dClimate’s presence in Africa.

“Peter is a celebrated academic, diplomat, and policy advisor who brings to dClimate a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the African continent,” said Sid Jha, a founding partner of dClimate. …

dClimate Contributor Piece By Bennett Thompson

Weather on the blockchain: sounds crazy, right? Well, maybe not. Although you may only use the weather app to decide how to dress in the morning, there are much larger implications of what is happening with the weather. Up to 70% of businesses are financially exposed to weather risks. By adopting a decentralized approach using blockchain technology, climate data publishers and collectors will be incentivized to provide highly accurate climate information at a level not previously available.

How does weather collection work?

Weather data is collected in various ways all across the world, but the most popular data collection methods…

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Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Work directly with the dClimate team
  • Win and earn special prizes, including cash, exclusive dClimate merchandise, and NFT’s
  • Have your work and research published through dClimate’s official blog and other publications
  • Work…

NEW YORK (June. 16, 2021) dClimate, the first decentralized network for climate data, today announced that entrepreneur Mark Cuban has joined dClimate as an investor and strategic advisor. The investment was made through Cuban’s venture capital group, Radical Investments.

“From insurance products that payout based on rainfall data to tools that allow ESG programs to measure carbon footprint, dClimate can be the go-to platform for every organization that uses or builds with climate data,” said Cuban. …

Data Consumer REST API and Data Consumer Client Codebase Now Available

dClimate’s mandate is to build a decentralized ecosystem for climate data. This ecosystem as we envision it consists of three high-level architectural components —

  1. A data consumer component where users can retrieve clean, standardized, highly available, and immutable climate data.
  2. A data publisher component where users can post data and get paid for it without any real blockchain knowledge.
  3. A governance component where network behavior can be managed.

Within the first two components, we have identified specific milestones related to free (unencrypted) and paywalled (encrypted) datasets. As explained in the Whitepaper, even free datasets are often prohibitive to access. Authorities…

By the dClimate Team

One of the most substantial and overlooked categories of external risk that businesses large and small currently face is climate risk.

It is estimated that 70% of businesses globally have some financial exposure to the weather. Businesses in the global music industry, professional sports leagues and others that derive much of their revenue from outdoor events or live entertainment certainly fall into that category. Considerations about how to plan outdoor events around weather have always been necessary. Professional sports leagues rely on accurate, up to the minute forecasts to make preparations in advance and to map…

NEW YORK (April. 8, 2021) dClimate, the first decentralized network for climate data, today announced it has closed an oversubscribed $3.5 million seed financing round led by CoinFund, with participation from Multicoin Capital and Republic Labs. The funds were raised in exchange for the network’s native governance token, WTHR, and will be used to hire development talent and expand the network’s data trove by attracting more participants to the network.

“We are privileged to have CoinFund, Multicoin Capital and Republic Labs as partners in our mission to build a network that works to solve the many issues currently plaguing…

By Sid Jha, Ben Andre, Philippe Heilberg, and Osho Jha

Today, we are proud to introduce the world to dClimate, a decentralized marketplace where climate data, models, and forecasts are standardized, monetized, and distributed.

Who Is dClimate For?

Those of us living in developed nations might take the importance of accurate local weather forecasting for granted. The only reason to check the weather forecast in some locations is so that you can make personal preparations: Do I need to carry an umbrella today? Do I need a jacket? Snow boots? …


A Decentralized Network for Climate Data. Learn more at dClimate.net

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