By the dClimate Team

One of the most substantial and overlooked categories of external risk that businesses large and small currently face is climate risk.

It is estimated that 70% of businesses globally have some financial exposure to the weather. Businesses in the global music industry, professional sports leagues and others that derive much of their revenue from outdoor events or live entertainment certainly fall into that category. Considerations about how to plan outdoor events around weather have always been necessary. Professional sports leagues rely on accurate, up to the minute forecasts to make preparations in advance and to map…

NEW YORK (April. 8, 2021) dClimate, the first decentralized network for climate data, today announced it has closed an oversubscribed $3.5 million seed financing round led by CoinFund, with participation from Multicoin Capital and Republic Labs. The funds were raised in exchange for the network’s native governance token, WTHR, and will be used to hire development talent and expand the network’s data trove by attracting more participants to the network.

“We are privileged to have CoinFund, Multicoin Capital and Republic Labs as partners in our mission to build a network that works to solve the many issues currently plaguing…

By Sid Jha, Ben Andre, Philippe Heilberg, and Osho Jha

Today, we are proud to introduce the world to dClimate, a decentralized marketplace where climate data, models, and forecasts are standardized, monetized, and distributed.

Who Is dClimate For?

Those of us living in developed nations might take the importance of accurate local weather forecasting for granted. The only reason to check the weather forecast in some locations is so that you can make personal preparations: Do I need to carry an umbrella today? Do I need a jacket? Snow boots? …


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