Learn More About dClimate’s Mission, the Marketplace, the Ecosystem, and How You Can Get Involved Today!

What is dClimate? A transparent, decentralized climate data marketplace and DAO that allows participants to buy and share data and contribute to an open ecosystem of data-driven climate resilience applications.

What is dClimate’s Mission? dClimate’s mission and mandate is to build an essential truth layer for our earth’s climate record…

By dClimate Team

While carbon offsets are a well-intentioned sustainability strategy, there are several issues with the existing voluntary carbon offset market. There are five key issues with online carbon registries.

The first is scalability. Since the typical process for verifying carbon offsets can potentially take years (even small projects can take months…

How the dClimate Data Marketplace Makes It Easy for Consumers to Shop for Validated, Reliable Climate Information

A question we often get is how do we ensure the data on dClimate is reliable, accurate, and transparently validated? How does the dClimate marketplace help consumers shop for data?

The main feature of our climate data ecosystem is the data marketplace. It allows participants to simply get data and…

By the dClimate Data Team

The dClimate data infrastructure is rapidly growing, with new datasets being added every week. The infrastructure currently includes data that is standardized and prepared for institutional use, including satellite data and data covering perils such as snow, wind, rainfall, and temperature. Some highlights of the infrastructure to date:

  • Coverage spanning…

By Misha Patel, dClimate Ambassador

When you think of “climate data”, you probably think about data regarding long-term weather patterns. However, weather data is only a fraction of information considered under the “climate data” umbrella. Climate data refers to a diverse set of data representing the entire terrestrial biome including crop output, forest biomass, soil…


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